Alerts and Security Bulletins
Fraud Alert: Scammer pretending to be from feed supply company
Oct 23, 2019

DO NOT DIVULGE Credit Card or other personal information to anyone contacting you by phone, text, or email pretending to be working on behalf of a horse show, or from a "Feed Supply" company.

It has come to our attention that a number of trainers and exhibitors have been contacted by one or more individuals, stating they represent a show management company and offer to "confirm" your feed and bedding order. They
request a credit card to process the fraudulent order.

In a number of instances, the fraudsters appear to be calling from Georgia or Florida, and have used the following phone numbers: (404) 983-1520 and (855) 567-8090.  The scammer sounds convincing, and displays a reasonable understanding of horse shows and feed / bedding supplies.  The scammer sometimes identifies by the name "Jason" or "Ted".  We have also had reports of a female making similar calls.

This scam has been reported by other horse show service vendors and suppliers and has been highlighted in various horse and horse show related publications.

You should contact the show management directly to discuss any questions regarding the show, your stall requirements, payment questions, etc.  Show contact information (phone and email) is always listed on the Show's detail page.

HorseShowsOnline does NOT divulge private information, phone numbers, or email addresses to any unauthorized entities.

If you have been contacted by any of these individuals and provided credit card information then contact your credit card company or bank immediately.

You can contact us using the "Contact us" link if you have any additional information about this or other scams that you would like to share with others in the equine community.

Best Practices:

  • NEVER provide any credit card or personal information to anyone that phones, texts, or emails you asking for information.  When in doubt, hang up and contact the show or company directly using their published phone number.
  • NEVER allow remote access to your computer or devices from companies or individuals purporting to fix your viruses, or fix your slow computer.
  • NEVER phone any phone number that may popup on your computer that indicates "Your computer is infected - phone this number...".  This is  scam and usually involves off shore scam companies in India.
  • NEVER engage with anyone that phones you and says they are "From Microsoft..."  MicroSoft does NOT call anyone to help with "viruses".  This is a scam that attempts to plant a virus on your computer, and to retrieve information from your computer and to ultimately make you pay...  Just hang up...
  • NEVER post personal information on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.  Information you post is available to scammers and they WILL exploit it.

Folks - stay vigilant.  There are a lot of people willing to take advantage of you.  It's up to you to protect yourself!