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Show Name and Location
Show date: Aug 13, 2015 to Aug 16, 2015
Location: FAIRBURN (GA, US)
Designer: LEWIS PACK
Last updated: Aug 22, 2015 2:16 PM
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News and Bulletins
Show News:
Welcome to the 2015 Atlanta Summerfest Series
Show Office: 828-230-7033

**Important Information Regarding Entrance to the Facility**
Please do not use the Browns Lake Road entrance, follow the directions below:

Show Entrance Address:
10045 Cedar Grove Road Fairburn, GA 30213

From I-75 North & South of Atlanta: Take I-285 West to Exit 62 Spur 14 S. Fulton Pkwy, then below. From I-20 heading West: Take I-285 heading south to Exit 62 Spur 14 S. Fulton Pkwy, then below.*

From I-85 heading South: Take Exit 69 Spur 14 S. Fulton Pkwy From South Fulton Prkwy, then below.*

*Below for all directions above: Stay on S. Fulton Pkwy for 7.5 miles then Right on “Hwy 92 Campbellton Fairburn Rd”. Go 4.5 miles then Left on “Hwy 70 Cascade Palmetto Rd”. Go 0.3 miles then Right on “Cochran Mill Rd”. Go 1 and 1/4 mile,then right into show entrance.

From I-20 heading East: Take Exit 37 Hwy 92 Fairburn/Douglasville; end of ramp go Right on 92 South/ Fairburn Rd. Go 5.2 miles then go Right at light staying on 92 South Fairburn Rd. Go for 4.2 miles then at light go Right on Cascade Palmetto Rd. Go 0.3 miles then Right on Cochran Mill Rd. Go 1/2 mile, then right onto Cedar Grove Road show entrance is 1 and 1/4 mile on the right.

From I-85 heading North: Take Exit 61 Hwy 74, Fairburn; end of ramp go left heading North on 74. When the 4-lane lane turns into a 2-lane, stay straight (do not continue on 74; go straight for 2.3 miles until the road dead ends into Rivertown. Go left on Rivertown for 3.5 miles to S. Fulton Pkwy. Cross over S. Fulton Pkwy staying on Rivertown for .7 miles. Turn slight right onto Cedar Grove Road go 7.2 miles show entrance will be on the right.
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Office Contact Information
Company: Equus Events Incorporated
Steet: 1410 ALPINE DR.
Prov/State: SC US 29803
Telephone: 803-643-5698
Show Address and Contact Information
Street: 9445 BROWNS LAKE RD
Prov/State: GA US 30213
Telephone: 828-230-7033
Governing Body and Associations
Governing body:
Show rating: A
USEF Show No.: 3630
EC Show No.:
Local Show No.:
AQHA Show No.:
FEI Show No.:
Kim Dorfman
Lewis Pack
Gardner Powell